Sphagnum Peat Moss - More than just soft underfoot

Peat Moss ( Sphagnum )

Peat Moss up close        Tired of looking at your yard covered in patchy grass and weeds?  You could spray some weed killer and throw down some  seeds, or you could do something a little out of the ordinary by having a landscaping company install peat moss!

Peat Moss Uses

Sphagnum peat moss is a natural soil conditioner.  It can hold up to 20 times its own weight in moisture, and releases water slowly to surrounding plants that need it.  As peat moss grows and its roots expand, it can aerate soils and clay.  Sphagnum, along with retaining water, will keep nutrients in the soil longer by leaching them off slowly over time.

Peat moss has a few other nifty uses other than replacing your grass lawn.  You can use it to grow between your stone walkway in your garden, or put it in your compost.  Peat moss decomposes slower than typical compost and has a reliable pH level of 3.4 to 4.8, which is environmentally friendly.peat moss covering bridge

Another use that is on a smaller scale would be to set up a water garden with peat moss.  This is an area that you have a lot of water runoff such as gutters draining onto the ground, or water streaming off your driveway into a certain corner. Sense Sphagnum can hold 20 times its weight in water, and has roots that hold soil together, its no surprise why this is an idea plant for these types of areas.

Have a septic system on your property?  Peat moss has a strange advantage over other landscaping materials in its ability to filter septic waste.  Yes that’s right, the best filter you can have for your septic system is peat moss!  This is due to the abnormal amount of bacteria that peat moss contains.  It breaks down water waste and purifies it!

Is Peat Moss safe to use?

If you have pets or children and are wondering if peat moss is harmful to them, well it is listed as nontoxic and the moss is generally cleaned of chemical residue.  If for some reason your pet gets sick from eating it, call your veterinarian for help.