Design your Perfect Home Water Garden

Design your Perfect Home Water Garden

Water Garden LargeLooking to start your own water garden, but don’t know where to begin?  Well you have come to the right place!  Water gardens are pretty rare amongst most home owners.  The money and time required to build and maintain a water garden discourages many. The beauty and tranquility it will bring you though is priceless in my book.

There are a few things you need to consider about creating a water garden on your property.  First off is how much land you have available, and how much of it are you wanting to commit to containing the water garden itself.  Second is how it works with the rest of the items on your land, such as your house, driveway, garage, trees, etc.  Does your space allow you for a small or large pond? Will it handle a stream running into a body of water?

A big factor in your design is going to be what you wish to use your water garden for.  Is it going to be there for a little visual relaxation? Do you want it to create the sound of a small waterfall, or the sound of water running over a bed of rocks?  Are you wanting it large enough to swim in or use for fishing?

The first thing people will notice about your water garden is the water edge.  You will need to work on ways to blend this area in with the rest of your landscape to create a realistic shoreline.  Methods vary depending on the type of pond liner you choose to use for your project.  You can make the edge meet with a sharp grass line that floats out over the water, or use rocks and stone piled along the water line for a more natural rugged style.  Creating a wood deck that follows the water edge is another interesting design.  There are endless ways to do this, look around the web, or come up with something original that works best for your area!

Water Garden in GrassPlants in your water garden can be very important.  They help to maintain a healthy water garden.  You will need to figure out how many plants you will need for the volume of water in your garden. Streams or waterfalls supply fresh water that is moving. This will help keep your water looking nice and your plants will love it as well!  No one likes a dark murky pond full of green algae that smells of dead animals!

Starting your water garden will require a few key things

These include:

  • Liner
  • Filter
  • Pump
  • Fish and/or Plants
  • Fountain

If coming up with a design and figuring out how to get the right items you need is too daunting of a task for you, you might consider purchasing a water garden kit.  These are kits that include everything you will need for getting your water garden started!  These kits vary from company to company, and depending on the size and type you wish to create, may or may not work for your project. It is worth looking into first though!
If you need more information on different aspects of creating your perfect water garden, check out my other related articles on the Water Gardens page!