Composting your own Soil

Why pay money for garden soil?

compost-binDid you know that you can make your own garden soil out of your kitchen scraps?

Instead of throwing that apple core and that banana peeling in the trash, you can use it to help make your own garden soil.

It’s easier than you might think!

There are a number of ways to do this.

You can have a small operation or a large operation depending on how much time and  effort you want to spend on making your own soil from your kitchens scraps.

I started with a fairly large tote with a lid and my son drilled a few holes in the  bottom and sides of it.

We added some peat moss but I guess cardboard and paper would work too.

We got the peat moss real wet and then added everything organic you could imagine! Apple cores, potato peelings, banana peelings, coffee grounds and eggshells.  Since we lived close to the beach we even added a little sea weed.

We added a few earth worms  that are especially beneficial to turning organic stuff into soil.

We were advised not to add anything greasy or any meat or dairy products.

We added some diatomaceous earth to keep the fruit flies and other fly’ away.

We ended up with the most wonderful soil for growing anything!

We would keep putting more and more organic material in the tote and stir it a little.

When we took some of the  fine soil out of the tote and put it in a pot we were amazed that we had made our own organic soil!

Everything grew so well in our soil made from  our own kitchen scraps and other organic things.

TomatoClusterAlso everything tasted better grown in this home made soil!

Strawberries that would melt in your mouth they were so delicious!

Tomatoes and peas tasted like tomatoes and peas.

We learned the process of composting with earth worms causes foods to retain their nutritional value and their flavor.

So the next time you toss a banana peeling in your trash can think about turning it into soil.


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