Blue Star Fern - Unique Looking Light Green Fern

Want a hardy and exotic looking easy to keep alive houseplant that is common enough to be sold at box stores? Enter the Blue Star Fern.

I picked one of these Blue Star Ferns up at Home Depot awhile back and its one of my new all time favorite indoor hanging plants. Its super easy to keep alive, only needing to be watered once a week, and it looks like something straight out of the Amazon Rainforest.

It doesn’t like being in the sun, so it does well in the center of the room away from windows.

This plant has a multitude of potential potting locations. It can be hanging, in a non-hanging pot, planted in rows in narrow areas next to paths without spilling over into the path, rootball with peat moss soil wrapped in fabric and used in driftwood art, etc.

An ideal houseplant for bathrooms where there is usually less light shining in and lots of humidity.

Also works well in Terrariums.

Blue Star Fern


  • Perennial.
  • 1-3 feet tall.
  • Spacing 12-15 inches.
  • Sun: Shade / Indoors.
  • Soil: Mine came in a peat moss type soil blend that holds moisture well and its doing good.
  • Hardiness: Leave it inside away from sun and it should be easy to keep alive. Like most house plants it can’t handle full sun or frost.
  • Low Water Use. Water once a week.
  • Likes high humidity but not mist directly on the leaves.

Potential uses:

Other than turning CO2 into Oxygen I couldn’t find  any potential use other than Decoration.

Toxicity to humans or pets:

Not known to be toxic to humans or animals.


Like most ferns the Blue Star Fern propagates in the wild with spores under the leaves. In captivity its easier to split an existing plant into 2 or more plants by dividing the rhizomes (the ball of roots) into multiple pieces and re-potting.