About Practical Garden Plants & Redshift

Hello and welcome to Practical Garden Plants, a websites dedicated to bringing new insight to gardeners of all types! There are some good resources on the internet to find information on plants, gardening, and landscape design. There are also so many more bad ones. A lot of blogging sites have gotten it into their heads that they can rewrite articles, spin new ones from old ones, reword, or otherwise mangle and change the original content just for web traffic gains. This has lead to a lot of misleading information floating around the great cloud that is the internet.

Practical Garden Plants is here to clean out the junk! We filter through all the junk articles out there and write quality articles on everything related to plants, gardening, landscape and more! First off our idea is to create quality articles on the most popular subject matter to build interests. It is our mission to write about every type of cool and crazy plant we can find!

Want to garden with a theme? You can check out our article listings of Herb Gardens, Flower Gardens, Bamboo Gardens etc. Want to garden with a purpose in mind such as plants that can be used for medicine? Or perhaps aromatherapy? Cooking? If so,then this is definitely the place for you!

This site grows everyday as new articles are added. If we don’t have any information on something you wish to learn about, leave a comment or get in touch with us. We will put it on our to do list. If you find any information we give to be incorrect, let us know! We wish to be 100 percent accurate when it comes to these listings.

Interested in writing your own articles for this site? Great! We would love the help. Create an account and get started with us! Please make sure the content you submit is 100 percent unique and written by you. We will not post copy cat materials. I would hate for someone to steal or deface my content, and I will extend that respect to other authors as well.